Liquid Palmyra Jaggery

  • 100% Natural Boosts energy level
  • Excellent source of nutrients.Natural sugar with low Glycemic Index
  • Store in cool dry place. Refrigerate after open the seal. Don’t add to boiling milk. Shake well before use.
  • No preservatives
  • No Artificial flavor

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  • Made using the freshly collected sap of the local date palm trees. Prepared in an iron kadai (wok) on firewood.


    Syrup made by slow cooking the sap extracted from the palmyra tree


    Date palm sap


    It is a natural sweetener

    Wholesome vegan ingredient

    Palm jaggery is beneficial for digestion

    It is used as a concoction to relieve coughs and colds

    It contains nutrients like iron, folate and potassium


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